Movement Classes with Mary Gray


Mary’s classes focus on tuning up and maintaining range of motion, efficiency, strength, power, balance, coordination and agility for our important movement systems. Exercise affects virtually every aspect of our health according to research in recent decades. We want to keep moving as we get older, not give up sports we love or the job we need. But moving with compensations from injury or overuse patterns imposed by our work and postural deficiencies can result in further injuries. Surgical interventions like joint replacements may not fix the underlying dysfunctional movement and leave scar tissue. Aging and inactivity can create a sharp decline in proprioception, balance, power, and strength if we don’t embrace maintenance of our athletic life.

As a class participant you can expect:

• Training that starts with anatomy, builds on biomechanics, and kinesiology and uses techniquesfrom a variety of movement disciplines.

• A varied, vigorous, and engaging class with a small group providing more individual attention.• Education in athletic self-care to support your sports, work, and life activities.

• Exercise and ball self-treatment techniques to take home.


Women Shouldering The Load

We women carry the culture of our civilization on shoulders that learned to to lift, roll forward, and draw in around our hearts. We type on computers, cook, clean house, carry babies, lift carryons into overhead bins, shovel snow, hoe gardens, carry apple boxes, bicycle, kayak, ski long distances, and attend Yoga classes.

Our lifted, rolled shoulders and forward heads risk rotator cuff injuries, pain in lower back, upper shoulders, neck. Compromised shoulders interfere with breathing patterns and postural compensations can affect digestion.

No wonder we can’t do a pushup anymore, Yoga planks hurt, rotator cuff muscles tear, necks complain, and lifting the carryon is impossible.

Over 5 weeks Women Shouldering the Load helps you:

—Start reorganizing ineffective or unsafe shoulder movement.

—Learn how to maintain and rebuild shoulder, arm, upper and lower back alignment and strength.

—Increase shoulder girdle range of motion.

—Reduce injury, align your head back over spine, and support bone density in spine, shoulder joint and arms.

—Get the resources to care for your own shoulders.

Cost of workshop is $75.

A take home packet of exercises and self-myofascial ball work as well as a link to videos is available for a small additional fee.

Child’s Play: Have Core, Will Travel

An 8 week progressive movement series with a different focus for each class. 75 minutes incorporating
a warm-up, review of movement from previous weeks, 30 minutes of focused training, cool down period and integration of current class movement.
Warm-up and cool down periods are patterned movement and dynamic stretching to music led by Mary. The patterns are relevant to the previous week’s body area and adding the current week’s focus.

Equipment includes Bodhi suspension systems, Roll Model Method balls, Bosu or Pilates arc barrel, TRX R.I.P. trainers, assorted agility equipment, rollers, resistance bands, balance boards, dowels. Mats provided.

Mary with a beer

For More Information:
(360) 820-3315


A love of movement is where I started – outdoor sports (climbing, backcountry skiing, sea kayaking,
cycling), Modern Dance (12 years as a performing dancer in Bellingham’s Dance Gallery), fitness
(distance running and weight training), mind-body practices (Yoga and Pilates), and more recently,
single-point dance trapeze.

What led me to become a trainer was managing my own injuries: Iower spine disk injury, multiple knee
surgeries, carpel tunnel syndrome, foot bone spur, shoulder and neck difficulties. Athletic injuries plus
decades in the sedentary computer industry intermixed with a decade of cabinet-making added layers of
movement dysfunction. I had to learn how to take care of myself and prevent more injury.
Starting in 2010, I completed the full Pilates teacher training with Balanced Body, took training in
CoreAlign methods and a variety of body-weight suspension techniques (TRX, Bodhi, Redcord) to add to
fitness methods and dance technique. Beyond movement disciplines I developed a passion for anatomy
and biomechanics.

My eclectic teaching style led to obtaining an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Personal
Trainer certification rather than certify in a particular movement discipline. Recently, while recovering
from a knee replacement, I completed Roll Model Method self-myofascial teacher certification.